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  • On New Single ‘Whateva’, Marz Is Ready To Move On
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    A compelling sonic performance, Marz’s first drop of 2023 is a playboy’s guide to letting go. An Afropop number complemented by Solid Keys thumping production, ‘Whateva’ curates Marz’ romantic experience into a story of love lost. Melodious, rhythmic and sentimental in its delivery, Whateva’ effectively paints a relatable imagery of moving on and of love’s probable impermanence. 


    ‘At some point, we all have someone we want to get over. Whateva’ is just saying- that’s part of life. We love, and sometimes we don’t last forever. Life doesn’t stop’ the Artist quips on the inspiration behind the song. 


    Employing the log drums, thumping bassline, and choral melodies, the song is energetic in delivery despite is solemn message. On Whateva’, Marz employs a tongue-in-cheek approach to understanding breakups. In the process, he gifts us an immersive and infectious single that would definitely bring some energy to any heartbreak playlist.


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