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  • I thought giving 2face a second child will make us marry – Sumbo Adeoye

    Sumbo Adeoye has opened up on why she got pregnant for 2face a SECOND TIME.

    Now a Pastor, Sumbo discussed her motivations and the lessons she learnt from the experience during an Instagram live session.

    Sumbo acknowledged receiving unfit counsel from friends influenced her decision to have a second child with 2face.

    She said her friends reasoned if she had another kid for 2baba, it would cement her bond and ultimately lead to marriage.

    Unfortunately, her desired outcome didn’t materialise leaving her feeling like a loser and utterly disappointed.

    She confessed walking away from the singer was the best decision she made in life as it led her to eventually meet the love of her life, Pastor Adeoye, the General Overseer and Senior Pastor of Royalty Christian Centre.

    She explained encountering her partner, who she called her soulmate brought her immense joy and fulfillment due to the newfound love and companionship.

    Addressing single ladies, Sumbo admonished them against rushing into marriage because of children because these kids would leave someday when they grow up and their partners would be all they have left. So she urged them to seek companionship, partners who’d invest in them in every ramification.

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