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  • Meet Beryl Ogwell: The Kenyan Hair Stylist Making Cancer Patients Look Beautiful
  •  In a recent interview with Ebony Glamour Magazine, top Kenyan Hairstylist Beryl Ogwell spoke about 'Beauty for Cancer Patients Initiative'. A few months ago, she partnered with the Chief Executive of The Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Nana Wanjikugecaga, in giving a clear breath on the faces of Cancer Patients.

    They visited Mellen Ngangara, a stage four cancer patient. Mellen was chosen as winner of the Initiative, which is hosted by Nana Wanjikugecaga in conjunction with Beryl Ogwell's B-Luxury Store.

    Madam Mellen underwent six rounds of chemotherapy in India and a surgery that was all successful. With all Mallen went through, they decided to use the initiative to give her pampering treat filled with some love. They beautifully did her makeup, fixed her hair, and took her for a photoshoot so she could have a reflection of her beautiful self.

    Beryl Ogwell is labelled as one of the most influential hair stylists in East Africa. She has recorded about a decade of professional hair service delivery, and we're inclined to agree that she has created new narratives in the beauty industry across Africa.

    With just a small glance at her client list, there is no wonder why she holds a stake in changing the dynamics on how gallant a woman can approach her true beauty. She def ines beauty with gravitas and guile. Her passion for hair started as a child. As a kid, she was already creating wigs for her dolls as she believed everyone, including her dolls, should have multiple looks without having to cut or colour their hair.

    Combining that talent with her hard work, she built an impressive portfolio while working for a host of top African celebrities and industry stakeholders. From fulfilling her childhood dream of having her own hair studio at an early age to opening her first-hair studio along Lenana Road in Nairobi, Kenya. Beryl has opened a successful hair studio in a high demand area and carved a niche and faithful following for her work.

    Beryl admires a completely authentic approach to life, and she set her mission to provide the everyday woman with the relaxing experience away from the daily pressures of life in a timely, professional, and expert manner.

    For Beryl, she believes the essence of every woman's beauty is how she carries herself in inspiring others. Through her foundation, The Beryl Ogwell Global Initiative, she has been engaged in a host of humanitarian projects that celebrate women dignity.

    She does a hair giveaway to a few cancer patients monthly across Africa. To her, it is very satisfactory seeing these women smile into their beauty. Beryl has constantly expressed her artistic vision in helping Clients enhance their signature looks.

    She is imaginative and versatile in crafting the kind of style that fits every individual. It is clinically enjoyable to follow her on her social media platforms for inspirational posts about hair and hairstyling. If you’re looking for new ideas to ignite your beauty, definitely check her out on Instagram @b_luxury_store.

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