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  • Engineer's decaying body, discovered in his flat in Abuja along with a blood-stained sledgehammer and a note from the suspect.

    Decomposing corpse of engineer found in his Abuja apartment with blood-stained sledgehammer and written note from suspect
    A police investigation into the alleged murder of construction engineer Humphrey Uchenna Nnaji in Abuja has been opened by the Federal Capital Territory Police Command.
    On Saturday, July 8, 2023, the deceased's rotting body was discovered in his flat in the FCT's Dawaki neighborhood.

    The PUNCH claims that several alleged assailants killed the engineer after breaking into his flat.
    According to reports, Nnaji's neighbors called the police after smelling something horrible coming from his apartment while they were oblivious of what had happened to him.

    A local commercial driver who only gave his name as Musa claimed that when entering the flat, policemen assigned to the case discovered Nnaji's remains on a chair.

    “The engineer’s corpse was found in his apartment in the Dawaki area. The policemen came to evacuate his corpse on Saturday around 8pm. The corpse was already decomposing which means that the incident might have happened before Saturday. People in the area are still yet to come to terms with how the incident happened. The house has been cordoned off as we speak,” he said. 
    A source in the FCT Police Command told the publication that policemen, while observing the crime scene, found a hammer beside Nnaji’s corpse, and a written note stating that the killing was allegedly carried out by one Alfa, who claimed to be avenging the death of his sister.
    “The deceased must have been killed with a hammer. A sledgehammer with blood stains was found beside him. Also, the backside of his (Nnaji’s) head had a deep cut. He was seated on his chair with two pieces of handset charging cord cables around his neck,” the source said.
    “Also, a (written) note by someone who identified himself as Alfa was seen on his table. He claimed he killed the deceased to avenge the death of his sister and also accused him of using other girls for Yahoo Plus.” 
    Spokesperson for the FCT command, SP Josephine Adeh, who confirmed the incident, added that an investigation was ongoing on the matter. 

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