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  • Raw Power Crusade 2023 promises to be one of the most anticipated miracles crusade in Lagos

  • Lagos, Nigeria - The city of Lagos is abuzz with anticipation as Popular Nigerian Prophetess, Rose Kelvin of Unveiling The Veiled Ministry prepares to storm the city for the Raw Power Crusade 2023. 

    The highly anticipated event, scheduled to take place at the Ogwuala Prayer Ground in Lagos on July 30, 2023, promises to be a life-transforming experience for all attendees.

    Prophetess Rose Kelvin, a renowned end-time prophetic and deliverance minister, will be using her divinely ordained powers to bring hope and salvation to Lagosians. 

    The Raw Power Crusade 2023 is a platform for her to demonstrate the power of God and perform miracles that will change lives forever.

    As the social media buzzes with excitement, Prophetess Kelvin is using the opportunity to reach out to the less privileged in the society. She recently fed 5,000 widows in Lagos and called on Nigerians to support the poor and vulnerable in the society in times as such as we live.

    Prophetess Kelvin's ministry is divinely positioned for the Salvation and Liberation of souls around the world. 

    Unveiling The Veiled Ministry has its international headquarters in The FCT Abuja, Nigeria, and focuses on the spiritual growth and transformation of individuals and communities.

    With the Raw Power Crusade 2023 just around the corner, Lagosians are preparing themselves for what promises to be one of the most anticipated miracles crusade in the city's history. 

    The Ogwuala Prayer Ground is set to host an unforgettable event that will leave attendees with a renewed sense of hope and faith.


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