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  • 3Gar Biography, Age, Music, Career
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    In the vibrant and ever-evolving Nigerian music landscape, one name is making waves like never before. Semiu Abdullahi Olaitan, also known by his captivating stage name, 3GAR, is not just an artist; he’s a musical force to be reckoned with. His mellifluous voice and emotionally charged lyrics have cast a spell on listeners, both within Nigeria and across international borders. This article delves into the remarkable journey of this 24-year-old sensation, from his humble beginnings to his boundless ambitions.


    Early Beginnings and Enchanting Melodies

    Semiu Abdullahi Olaitan’s roots trace back to the mesmerizing city of Iwo in Osun State, Nigeria. From an early age, his love affair with music began to blossom, painting his childhood and teenage years with the hues of rhythm and melody. Born in Kaduna State, 3GAR’s journey started from modest origins, setting the stage for a narrative of passion and persistence.

    In his pursuit to share his musical essence with the world, 3GAR embarked on his artistic voyage by lending his enchanting backup vocals to fellow musicians. However, this was just the prelude to the symphony that would define his career. A twist of fate led him to the vibrant streets of Mowe, where he ignited the atmosphere with his spontaneous free-styling and soul-stirring renditions of well-loved tunes. These captivating performances were the first glimpses of the star he was destined to become.

    Crafting a Genre-Defying Path

    At the core of 3GAR’s artistic identity flows the rhythmic magic of Afrobeat, a genre that courses through his veins. Yet, 3GAR refuses to be confined by the boundaries of a single genre. His musical compositions are a harmonious fusion of styles, each resonating with the rich tapestry of human emotions. Drawing inspiration from iconic musical figures such as Brenda Fassie, The Weeknd, and Bruno Mars, 3GAR weaves electrifying melodies that penetrate the very souls of his listeners.

    The monumental date of July 30th, 2021, marked the release of 3GAR’s debut studio EP, “L.A.G” (Love and Grace). This auditory masterpiece unveiled the boundless depths of his talent, encapsulating soul-stirring melodies and poignant lyrics that etched an indelible mark on all who encountered it. With every track, 3GAR beckoned the audience into a realm of musical wonder—a place where emotions entwined with the rhythms of existence, and aspirations took flight.

    Elevating Afrobeat: A Mission of Joy and Inspiration

    3GAR is more than an artist; he’s a messenger of joy and optimism. His unrelenting passion for elevating Afrobeat to unprecedented heights propels him forward. With a steadfast determination, he aspires to be the catalyst that reshapes the genre, ushering in a new era of musical brilliance that resonates across the global stage, all while staying rooted in his origins.


    Although a full album release is yet to grace his discography, the anticipation among his ardent supporters continues to surge. Through it all, 3GAR’s commitment to crafting music that invigorates the spirit and touches hearts remains as unwavering as a compass guiding a ship.

    A Luminary in the Nigerian Musical Sky

    In the vibrant cosmos of Nigerian music, Semiu Abdullahi Olaitan, known to the world as 3GAR, shines as a luminous star. His melodies, charged with electrifying energy, and his vocals, stirring the depths of the soul, have earned him not only a devoted fan base but also accolades within the industry. As the trajectory of his stardom ascends, the world watches in eager anticipation, poised to witness the enchantment that 3GAR is destined to cast upon the global stage. With an unwavering passion, boundless talent, and an unyielding dedication to his craft, the symphony of 3GAR’s musical legacy is poised to resonate across generations to come.

    Musical Journey: Tracks That Resonate

    3GAR’s discography is a testament to his versatility and creative prowess. Some of his notable tracks include:

    1. Honeymoon:

    An ode to love’s intoxicating euphoria, “Honeymoon” encapsulates the essence of romantic bliss. With its harmonious blend of melodies, this track takes listeners on a musical journey through the intricacies of affection.

    2. Waistline:

    “Waistline” pulses with infectious beats that compel the body to move in rhythm. This track is an embodiment of 3GAR’s ability to infuse energy into his compositions, making it a favorite among dance enthusiasts.

    3. Mind:

    Delving into the realms of introspection, “Mind” showcases 3GAR’s lyrical prowess. The track navigates the labyrinth of thoughts and emotions, inviting listeners to reflect on the complexities of the human experience.

    As 3GAR’s musical voyage continues, each track becomes a stepping stone, paving the way for a future that holds even more astonishing melodies and evocative narratives.


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