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  • JAPA might seem like SLAVERY 8.0

  •  I know a lot of people will not like what I want to blab, just manage to read to the end of this, so you can conclude how foolish the author is.

    During slavery, people were forced to leave their homelands to work and develop another land and what is JAPA about again?

    In this case it is voluntary and you even fight and pay to enter the ship - no offense.

    The West always think about sustainability and here is the tricky part.

    There is a strong JAPA test to sieve only the strong and brilliant out of their homelands, which means the best of anything in Nigeria for instance will never be the best from Nigeria.

    On the sustainability level, let me ask those who are 40 years and above, if you had an uncle or aunty who was abroad 35 years ago and is dead now or alive, how many of their kids are coming home?

    The point is that the third or even the second generation of any family traveling abroad today, will no longer have a single interest in Nigeria when they become adults. They will see Nigeria as Africa and a place for holiday and tourism. - That is if they wish and you might not like this.

    The point is that all the big houses people are building today to represent their abroad success, will only belong to people in their villages and some properties will even lie fallow because no one will know their owners.

    Your ancestral lands, properties and maybe shrines will be claimed by others, when you’re gone (I don’t want to say dead, I don’t want to sound hash)

    A lot of men are fighting today to bring their kids home to claim their ancestral lands and you’ll imagine what business a 30 year old man or woman who just bought a fine house in Houston Texas has with ancestral land that will neither increase nor reduce the man he is.

    On the side of sustainability, the West wins again because they have filtered our very strong and brilliant generation to become theirs. They are again thinking ahead of us. 

    Let us just use football and medicine as funny examples, the best Nigerian players and doctors available at the moment are different from the best Super Eagle players  and doctors of Nigerian origin. These lads have no business with the country of their ancestors - I will not say ‘birth’ because some of their fathers were not even born here.

    Nigerians are very successful people abroad, but Nigerians are suffering in Nigeria, just because the best have been filtered and we are left with the chaffs as leaders.

    Politicians know these or maybe they know nothing about it, because they are focused on stealing and destroying what they are supposed to build.

    I want to JAPA like most in Nigeria. I want to make all that money and just because I need these basics, I am ignoring other future factors.

    Where survival is gravely needed, sustainability is trashed. This the tool for Slavery 8.0, which sadly our leaders ensure we find our way to the ship, compulsively and voluntarily at the same time. 

    Don’t just think when we moved from 1.0 to 8.0, the system has been evolving while we are sleeping.

    Think now.

    Chinedu Hardy Nwadike is a blogger and writes from Owerri, Imo -

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