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  • Meet Olukayode Shakirat Omolola; Who has taken Declutter Ecommerce to the Next Level

  •  In a world where moving and transitioning between spaces can often become overwhelming and time-consuming, one entrepreneur took matters into her own hands to revolutionize the decluttering and selling process. Meet the visionary mind behind, a game-changing platform that offers instant solutions to individuals seeking to streamline their spaces. Inspired by personal challenges, the founder's journey from a demanding career in banking to the creation of a thriving business reflects determination, innovation, and a deep understanding of customer needs. Embark on a journey through the inception, growth, and unique offerings of, as we delve into the mind of the entrepreneur who is reshaping the decluttering landscape in Nigeria.


     Can you tell us about your background and what inspired you to start Declutter dot ng?

    I worked in Access Bank for 10 years and I was transferred around a number of times. Just after COVID, I was transferred from Lagos to Abuja, so I had to sell all the things in my apartment. But trying to sell the items in my apartment proved to be really difficult. The declutter businesses I approached then were very slow in getting things done. They had to post the item and wait for over a month to get prospective buyers. Time was running out and I had to do something. So I posted my household appliances on Jiji and other e-commerce sites. Eventually, I was able to sell.

    So that made me think, people need to sell their household appliances and items urgently every single day! Why not start a business that allows them to sell their items quickly? So I got a small shop and opened an IG account. In the beginning, I was the only one doing everything. So if I  got buyers instantly, I would coordinate with the buyer and seller on how movement would be done. If not, I paid and moved the items to my small shop.

    Thankfully, the business has grown a lot more since then.


    What motivated you to specialize in decluttering spaces specifically during the process of moving household items?

    Because of the stress I went through in 2021 when I had to quickly sell the things in my apartment so I could relocate to Abuja, I decided that I didn't want others to go through that stress and that's how the business started.


    How did your experience as an accountant and auditor contribute to the development of your business?

    My experience has an accountant has helped me to understand bargaining and setting up my books. I understand how to look at my profits and savings against my expenses so that I know when my business is really doing well or not. As an auditor, I am able to implement growth strategies for my business.

    All of this experience, plus my experience with compliance and internal control has helped me grow Declutter dot NG really quickly. 

    Did you know that my business is less than 2 years old? And see how much ground I have been able to cover in such a short time! 

    Could you share some success stories or memorable experiences of clients you have helped through Declutter dot ng?

    Consistency in my service has really opened so many doors for me. I sold some items for Eki Canada last year. All the items sold out so quickly that she was impressed and amazed that she posted me on her Youtube channel unprompted. I got so many clients through that shout out and I’m so grateful for that. I was able to build so much trust with her that she would conduct several transactions with me and just give me free rein even in her absence. She also referred me to her uncle that had just come back from the US then I got a message around 1 am and that transaction I got from that DM was over 4.5 million. I had to hire a 3 tonne truck to get all the items to the buyer all the way in Benin!

    Sometimes, I have had to follow the trucks to different states just to ensure that the items arrive in good condition and the customer is satisfied. This is especially true when the transaction is a huge one!

    What unique services does Declutter dot ng offer to its clients?

    We do instant purchase from our sellers. Sometimes, if we have a house where we are selling all the items in it, ego live so that our customers can see everything immediately.The items are usually sold out completely before the live stream is over because people will have taken screenshots of what they want immediately. This has enabled us to be the best choice of those who are in a hurry to get things sold.

    Another thing is our delivery service. We deliver to our customers while they remain in the comfort of their homes. Because we have our own delivery truck, our delivery is quicker than anywhere else and a lot cheaper than other delivery services.


    How do you ensure the safety and security of the items you handle during the decluttering process?

    We are very careful when moving items, especially fragile ones. We also make sure to confirm ownership, by checking receipts and even doing feasibility studies in the estate where the seller resides. All fragile items are wrapped in bubble wrap and other protective coverings and taped tightly. We wrap our furniture in plastic to protect them from stains. In the warehouse too, we make sure that the items are clean and well-protected at all times.

    Can you talk about any challenges you faced while starting and growing Declutter dot ng, and how you overcame them?

    My major challenge has been customers that are reluctant to let me make a profit on their sales. They cut us out of the transaction and go and link up with each other behind my back. They ignore the resources we have put into that transaction. First, our platform has advertised it and we have probably expended time, energy, and money, making our inspection and all that. This was very rampant when we didn't have our own warehouse. That challenge has been resolved by having a warehouse/walk-in store. Also, we now have our quality assurance guys who stand as middlemen to make sure that that doesn't happen again.


    What sets Declutter dot ng apart from other companies in the decluttering industry in Nigeria?

    We buy immediately from our sellers. Other declutter businesses may take weeks, even months to get you a buyer. At Declutter dot NG, if your item doesn’t sell immediately, we buy it and move it to our warehouse. Another thing that sets us apart is our walk-in store. We have that so that if you're worried about scams, you can walk-in, choose your item and pay in-store.


    How do you ensure customer satisfaction and maintain a high level of professionalism in your services?

    To ensure customer satisfaction, we check all the items before we sell them. We check for quality and neatness. We don't sell tattered or battered items. They are all usually in full working condition when we sell. Also, at the point of pickup, we have our agent there who will confirm with the customer if the items meet their expectations. Our customer reviews actually tell that story better than I can tell here, definitely check us out.

     Are there any specific strategies or techniques you use to efficiently declutter spaces and make the moving process smoother for your clients?

    We do quality assurance for our buyers such that if they simply want to stay home while we bring them their purchases, they don’t have to worry at all.. We do deliveries for them so they can stay at home.

    How do you stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the decluttering industry?

    I put myself in the position of our customers. When I notice a recurring pain point or feel that a new feature can help my customers, I take action very quickly. That's how I stay 5 steps ahead of the competition. I consider myself a trailblazer in this industry. For instance, I was the first declutter brand to always post pick-up videos. These behind-the-scenes videos helped my customers to trust me a lot more. When some people started copying and stealing my videos, I started watermarking them too.

    Have you expanded your services beyond Nigeria, or do you have plans to do so in the future?

    My plan to expand out of Nigeria is to train Nigerians in the diaspora on how to start this service. A lot of people outside the country don't have something to do, so the courses I want to create will teach them exactly how to start and do it profitably and become successful in this business.

    What advice would you give to individuals who want to declutter their spaces but are unsure of where to start?

    My number 1 advice for those who want to declutter their space is to please be sure that you are ready to part with your items.

    I've noticed that many sellers have a sentimental attachment to their appliances or furniture. To the point where some may want to change their mind at the pick-up point. Always be sure you are ready to sell before reaching out to any declutter business.

    In your opinion, what are the key benefits of decluttering and organizing one's living or working space?

    One of the benefits of decluttering is that your space becomes more free and spacious.

    If you are relocating, selling your items gets you more cash to work with than just leaving them to depreciate. Remember, one man’s waste is another man’s treasure. 

    Can you share any eco-friendly practices or sustainability initiatives that Declutter dot ng promotes?

    Our business premises, use energy-efficient appliances like LED bulbs, energy-efficient air conditioners etc. to minimize energy consumption.

    How do you manage the logistics and coordination involved in moving household items for your clients?

    We have an affordable delivery arm of the business where we help you move your items to your home. We also schedule and coordinate movement for a time convenient for both the seller and the buyer. This way everybody is on the same page.

    What role does technology play in the operations of Declutter dot ng?

    DeclutterdotNG has a website where sellers can upload their items and we bargain with them. This has really set us apart from our competitors. We also have Manichat and bots on our social media that help us respond to the customer in the inbox within seconds. This way, the customers are engaged before our human handlers step in.

    We also use a cloud based invoicing tool that helps us generate invoices instantaneously for all payments received. This ay, you would immediately have proof of purchase.


    Are there any specific strategies or tips you would recommend to individuals who want to maintain an organized space after the decluttering process?

    To maintain an organized space, only buy what you need. You don't want your house to be full of things that you don't need. Buy only what you need. Like Marie Kondo once said, discard anything that does not spark joy.

    How do you measure the success of your services and ensure continuous improvement?

    I audit my business regularly. As mentioned earlier, my experience as an accountant and an auditor really comes into play in my business. I always check that my profits are more than my expenses. I also keep records so that I know what is working and what is not working in my business.

    If profit spikes in one month, I check my records to see what I changed for that month so that I can keep doing that. If it drops, I do the same thing so that I can remove the problem.

    What are your future plans and goals for Declutter dot ng, and how do you see the company evolving in the coming years?

    I have big dreams. I want to be known as the one-stop best and most trusted declutter business in Nigeria. I want to collaborate with other companies like interior decor with budgets that they want to work with, where I supply them all the household appliances they need to make their Interior decor project come to life.

    I want DeclutterdotNG to have its own app where people can buy and sell. The plan is for the app to also have an option for auctioning. So, watch out for this brand because a lot of cool things are coming really soon!

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