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  • Meet Shorz Riches: The Biography of a Rising Star


    Meet Shorz Riches: The Biography of a Rising Star



    Ekaragha Efe Precious, known to the world as Shorz Riches, is a dynamic and emerging talent in the music scene. Born on June 28, 1996, in the vibrant city of Sapele, Delta State, Shorz Riches has woven his passion for music into a compelling journey of creativity and self-expression.


    Musical Beginnings:

    From an early age, music has been a constant companion in Shorz Riches' life. It was in 2012, during his secondary school days, that he felt the magnetic pull of music creation. Listening to the captivating melodies of Olamide's songs ignited a spark within him, propelling him into the world of rhythm and verse. Since that fateful encounter, he has immersed himself in countless studio sessions, pouring his heart and soul into each composition. The journey commenced with his inaugural track, "Wanna Be Free," a testament to his determination to voice his thoughts through his music.



    Music Style and Aspirations:

    Shorz Riches has skillfully carved his musical niche, merging the contagious energy of Hip-Hop with the irresistible rhythms of Afrobeat. His captivating sound is a testament to his unique vision and his aspiration for lasting fame. With an unrelenting commitment to his craft, Shorz Riches envisions a future where his melodies resonate with audiences worldwide, defining his growth and purpose within the music industry.



    Shorz Riches' creative journey has already yielded remarkable fruit, with songs like "Wanna Be Free," "Loving You," and "Don’t Judge Me" capturing the essence of his artistic evolution. These tracks are mere glimpses of his artistic range, each narrating a different chapter of his life story.


    Social Media Presence:

    Stay connected with Shorz Riches' musical odyssey through his social media platforms:

    Instagram: @shorzriches
    Twitter: @shorzriches
    TikTok: @shorz_riches
    Facebook: Shorz Riches
    YouTube: shorzriches


    Upcoming Projects:

    The journey has only just begun for Shorz Riches, and listeners can eagerly anticipate an influx of mesmerizing songs and captivating videos from this rising star. His commitment to consistently delivering his best ensures an exciting path ahead.


    Inspirations and Gratitude:

    Getting his creative spark from artists like Olamide, Shorz Riches understands just how much Olamide's music shaped his journey. When Olamide dropped his album "Rapsodi," it was like a major milestone that ignited Shorz Riches' passion for making music. With sincere gratitude, he gives credit to Olamide for being the driving force behind his dreams, and he wants to express his thankfulness for that musical push.

    Shorz Riches isn't just a name – it's proof of never giving up, being creative, and having big dreams. With his songs touching people's hearts, there's a lot to look forward to from this rising artist. Get ready to hear the amazing music story that Shorz Riches is bringing to the world of music.


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