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  • Orimolade Keji – Sutana
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    Experience the soul-stirring melodies of Orimolade Keji, a rising star in Nigeria’s Gospel realm. His latest masterpiece, “Sutana,” is here to captivate your heart.

    Sutana” goes beyond music—it’s a powerful message. It challenges the misconceptions about the white Garment tradition held by society and the Christian community. Orimolade Keji beautifully intertwines his love for the white Garment with his deep Christian faith and passion for prayer. But the true magic lies in how he fuses it all with a modern Afro-fusion beat. Trust us, you need to give it a listen to feel the enchantment.

    Add “Sutana” to your playlist for an uplifting spiritual experience that touches your very core.


    Meet the extraordinary Orimolade Keji, also known as Oluwafemi Obayanfunmi Isaac. He’s a living testament to the End Time revival, with a profound connection to the founder of the C&S church, Moses Orimolade, from which he derives his unique name. Orimolade Keji’s ministry approach is refreshingly distinct, blending captivating artistry with a message of pure positivity for his audience.

    Despite not being a current member of the C&S church, Orimolade Keji’s mission stands strong. He believes that the white Garment vision extends beyond boundaries, encompassing all children of God. His mother, Prophetess Oluwafemi Emilola, has established a church through divine grace, where he serves with dedication. Orimolade Keji’s journey is a testament to his unyielding belief in the universal embrace of the white Garment vision.

    Download, listen, and share your thoughts in the comments section below:




    DOWNLOAD MP3: Orimolade Keji – Sutana

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