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  • Teemirror - What works works: what doesn’t doesn’t (EP)
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    Budding Nigerian Artiste, Teemirror, has just released a new EP after the success of his prayer song and acclaimed love letter to hustlers he titled, Daily 2K. Standing on the success of the song he releases WWW:WDD which is his own version of Que sera sera.

    Listed on the new project are four songs, a prelude and a bonus track which upon release has started garnering organic streaming numbers. He calls the project a ‘depressed to impressed’ work of art and explained that he did not feature anyone on the four main songs because the story was his story and no one could tell it like he would have told it.


    Expressing his desire to collaborate with popular rapper Olamide, he said his evergreen hit, Daily2K is a tune that resonates with everyday living and a good influence to bring about a better day for anyone who keyed into the words of prayers and affirmation for a positive day ahead.

    In line with Olamide’s style, Teemirror believes that his verse would add a new dimension to the track which he considers would be a blessing to his career.

    In the light of his new Album, the artiste has gone to Tiktok, WhatsApp status and groups to proclaim Olamide a living deity he really adores. Teemirror remains hopeful and continues to aspire to have Olamide’s blessings on his songs.

    The EP, titled ‘What works works: what doesn’t doesn’t’, was officially released on August 18th. It has been receiving a great response on social media, especially on TikTok, where many users have created videos featuring his music.

    Check out the project HERE

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