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  • Unveiling the Story Behind “Sutana”: Orimolade Keji’s Exclusive Interview on Unstoppable Radio with Host Olayinka
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    Ever since dropping the hit gospel track “Sutana,” Orimolade Keji has been on a roll, hitting up various radio stations to chat about the story behind the song. But if you’re after the ultimate scoop, his heart-to-heart with Olayinka on Unstoppable Radio, Lagos, is an absolute must-watch.

    In this exclusive interview, Orimolade Keji lets you in on the secrets behind “Sutana.” He spills about the inspiration that sparked the song’s creation, and why it’s been resonating so deeply with fans. But that’s not all – he takes it a step further. Orimolade Keji shines a light on the intriguing world of the white garment movement, giving you insights into its significance within the church and beyond.

    If you’re curious about “Sutana” or just want to understand the white garment movement better, this interview is tailor-made for you. Get ready to be enlightened, entertained, and amazed. Hit that play button, make sure to subscribe, and don’t forget to share this enriching conversation with your friends. It’s not just an interview – it’s a journey into the heart of music and culture.




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