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  • Video proof of Sam Larry partying in august 26th emerges despite his claim to be out of Nigerian in august 20th

    Since Sam Larry return to Nigeria, the entertainment world has been buzzing with questions and speculations. Contrary to his press release that he had not been in Nigeria since August 20th, Video evidence has emerged that appears to contradict Sam Larry’s claim this. This has raised eyebrows and casting doubt on his earlier statements.

    Recall thag In the wake of the artist’s untimely death, a viral video surfaced, seemingly implicating Sam Larry in a physical altercation with Mohbad. This disturbing footage led to Sam Larry being the first suspect linked to the tragic passing of Mohbad.

    In an attempt to clear his name and address the mounting allegations, Sam Larry had issued a press release. In this statement, he revealed that he had left Nigeria on August 20th, effectively distancing himself from any involvement in Mohbad’s death. He vehemently denied any wrongdoing, stating that he had no part in the unfortunate events surrounding the young artist’s passing.

    However, things got interesting this afternoon when a piece of evidence emerged in the form of a party flyer. Popular public personality, iamdre, had shared this flyer on social media, tagging the Nigerian police force for attention. It was a promotional flyer for Zinolesky beach party and it was dated August 26th.

    This event took place just days after Sam Larry claimed to have left Nigeria on August 20th. The flyer seemed to challenge Sam Larry’s timeline and raised questions about the accuracy of his statements regarding his whereabouts.

    Watch Video Below!

    This new video evidence has left both fans and the media in a state of confusion arousing even more suspicion.

    Netizens can’t help but wonder if Sam Larry was truly out of Nigeria on August 20th, as he had stated. If he was, why did he feel he need to lie? These questions linger in the air, waiting for answers that could reshape the course of the ongoing investigation.

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