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  • Nigerian Artist; 'JIGI BOY', to Drop new album titled 'Vision Boy'

    [Anticipate] Nigerian Artist; 'JIGI BOY', to Drop new album titled 'Vision Boy'

    Fast rising Nigerian act, 'JIGI BOY', is set to surprise fans with a new album, as at the time of writing this article, we gathered that the album drops in a range of 1 - 2 months. But of course, the title is 'VISION BOY'.

    Jigi Boy has being one of the most hardworking artist from the north this year, blessing fans with many music projects and a music video to spice it up.

    Jigi Boy is a growing force, all his fans can testify of his growth within September 2022 till date. One of the most successful independent music artist. Jigi Boy does it easy and with consistency. 

    Going to his social media handles to tap as much information as we could get, two clips can make us predict which artists might feature on these projects, two music promotion clips showed he featured



    So far, that's the information we have got, following this, we would try to get all the required details for Jigi Boy's music album.  

    Fans should anticipate, more information coming!!

    Share the cover arts!!!

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