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  • Exclusive Interview With Afrobeat Singer and Dancer, EBAIDE

    Can We Meet You?

    I'm Ebaide Udoh, a 28-year-old traveler, motorcyclist and musician.

    What's the drive behind your journey into music?

    I have always loved music  so much that I usually buy song lyrics books in the streets of Lagos as a young girl. Although it took me so long before I finally opted for doing music but I'm ready and fired for what's to come in the industry as a singer and rapper.

    What part of the society do you make your music for?

    I use my lifestyle experience and things the society can relate with daily to make music that passes meaningful messages  to the society as an agent of a better world.

    What has the journey been like generally in the music industry for you?

    As a newbie in the industry, the journey so far has been rough just like in every profession but my love for music keeps me going. I spent so much on my first single with an agency that capitalized on my naivety and now they've gone incommunicado. My first video is restricted and can't be promoted.

    Which Social Vices Do You Think Your Music Can Be Instrumental In Changing?

    My lifestyle as a female is one that gives other females out there hope and encourages them to go explore the world without restrictions and never be down for any reason no matter how life gets tough

    Have you ever considered quitting music at any point in time?

    Music is my passion and I put everything into it as it keeps me happy, alive and going everyday. I feel on top of the world whenever I'm in the studio recording songs. So, thought of quitting is not something I can even consider. I signed a long-term relationship with music so the world better be prepared for my songs.

    What's the Major Challenge You've faced As A New star In The Industry?

    As a rookie, my most difficult challenge so far is with post-production of my music. How to get the song out there and navigate the industry as an independent artiste

    Outside Music, what do you do in your Free Time?

    Apart from doing music, I'm an avid traveler and globetrotter who loves to see and explore the beauty of the world.  I built my own personal van for van life. I had a Keke too and now uses my  motorcycle which I named (Aurora)and she is dear to me as it's with me everywhere I go most times as a traveler and motorcyclist by heart.

    What's Your Most Cherished Asset Apart From Your Motorcycle?

    Outside My motorcycle, my van which I named 'DADDY' is another cherished asset I have of course outside my exceptional brain.

    What's Your Message to Your Fans Across The World?

    my fans and music lovers across the world should get used to the name EBAIDE as it will be here to stay for a very very long time.

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