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  • Mayorkun Unleashes Dance Floor Dynamite, ‘Lose Control’ at Coke Studio 2023
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    Mayorkun is shaking up the music scene once again, crashing the hush of anticipation with his spectacular new single 'Lose Control'. The uber-talented Nigerian musical sensation, infamous for his rhythmic Afrobeat tunes, has just launched a rip-roaring tune at Coke Studio 2023 that's bound to blaze the charts.

    Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel, fondly known in the music industry as Mayorkun, has been an unstoppable force since he exploded onto the scene in 2016. Brandishing a string of smash hits and a magnetic pull on stage, this trailblazer has undeniably secured his legend status in the Nigerian music labyrinth.

    'Lose Control,' Mayorkun's latest number, is a cracking ode to his artistic evolution. Combining Afrobeat with cuts and shreds of contemporary pop, the track sprouts into a pacesetting, foot-tapper. The catchiness of Mayorkun's unique vocals mixes with hypnotic melodies to create an addictive auditory cocktail. It's clear to see that 'Lose Control' isn't just seeking to top the charts – it’s looking to own them.

    In anticipation of the storm his track is sure to whip up, Mayorkun speaks with giddy excitement about spending time in the musical powerhouse that is Coke Studio 2023. "Coke Studio is a sublime platform that encourages artists to merge their talents, mashing up tangible musical magic. 'Lose Control' is a jubilant fusion of our diverse sonic roots and the irresistible sway to African beats. I'm buzzing to see my fans lose themselves in the rhythm, owning the dance floor".

    You heard the man! Brace yourselves and let Mayorkun's new hit take control as it's all set to be an instant fan favourite. Keep your eyes peeled and ears wide open, because this year's Coke Studio journey is only getting started. Let the musical extravaganza continue!


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