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  • Oluwaseyifunmi Araga Gears Up for Mister Global Competition, visits Nigerian Embassy in Thailand

  •  Oluwaseyifunmi Araga, recently crowned Misters of Nigeria 2023, is set to represent the nation at the prestigious Mister Global competition in Thailand. Ahead of the grand event, Araga paid a visit to the Nigerian Embassy in Thailand, where he had the distinct honor of meeting with His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Idris Haidara, the Deputy Head of Mission.

    The visit to the Embassy proved to be a pivotal and enlightening experience, as Araga engaged in a profound discussion, sharing key insights into his background and the unique journey that led him to the forefront of representing Nigeria on the global stage. His Excellency not only provided invaluable advice but also extended unwavering support, creating a bond that will undoubtedly resonate on the journey ahead.

    As the Mister Global competition kicks off tomorrow, Araga carries with him the encouragement and positive energy derived from the embassy visit. The significant support from His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Idris Haidara has played a crucial role in enhancing Araga's preparedness and confidence for the competition.
    The camaraderie established during the embassy visit underscores the unity and pride associated with being Nigerian. Araga's journey exemplifies the strength that diversity brings to the global stage, and the support received from the Nigerian Embassy is a testament to the nation's commitment to excellence.

    The Misters of Nigeria team expresses sincere gratitude to His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Idris Haidara and the entire embassy staff for their warm hospitality. The organization in an official release stressed that the encouragement and support received have left an indelible mark, reinforcing the team's dedication to representing Nigeria with dignity and excellence on the global stage.

    Araga will hope to make the Nation proud, winning the first Mister Global title, whilst showcasing Nigeria's  richness, heritage and the unique strength of  diversity.

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