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  • Dj Ice Money – Mama Prayer + Colorado (Feat. Soundboi BME, Sunny Bee Fresh & Anny D)
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    Abuja’s very own DJ Ice Money is making waves as he proudly presents two scintillating Afrobeat singles, “Colorado” and “Mama Prayer.” Featuring collaborations with the dynamic trio Soundboi BME, Sunny Bee Fresh, and Anny D, these tracks are set to redefine the global Afrobeat landscape.

    “Colorado” showcases DJ Ice Money’s impeccable taste and influence as a curator of Afrobeat sounds. Teaming up with Soundboi BME, Sunny Bee Fresh, and Anny D, he brings forth an ensemble of talent that promises an exhilarating musical experience, setting dance floors ablaze.

    In “Mama Prayer”, DJ Ice Money proves his knack for selecting and owning remarkable music. The soulful journey is accentuated by the emotive vocals of Sunny Bee Fresh and Anny D, creating a powerful synergy that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

    Both singles serve as a testament to DJ Ice Money’s dedication to promoting and owning the essence of Afrobeat. As the proud owner of these chart-topping tracks, DJ Ice Money invites fans and music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the vibrant rhythms that define his unique musical brand.

    Listeners can stream or download “Colorado” and “Mama Prayer” on all major music platforms

    Stream “Colorado” Ft. Soundboi BME, Sunny Bee Fresh & Anny D

    Stream “Mama Prayer” Ft. Sunny Bee Fresh & Anny D

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