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  • Fire disaster averted as Petrol tanker explodes in Ilorin fuel station

    The swift response of the Kwara State Fire Service, on Wednesday, saved the Odota Bovas filling station in Ilorin from a major fire disaster.

    The incident occurred at about 07.44 hours when a petrol tanker carrying 45,000 litres of petrol burst into flames while siphoning fuel into the station’s reservoir, opposite the Magaji Odota area, along the Airport Road in Ilorin.

    The driver of the fuel tanker reportedly escaped death with minor burns.

    Spokesman of the state fire service, Hassan Adekunke, said “On arrival at the scene, firefighters encountered a blaze involving a petrol tanker carrying 45,000 litres of PMS with Registration Number AGG 728 XK.

    “The tanker was in the process of siphoning PMS into the filling station’s reservoir when a spontaneous ignition occurred from the hose, leading to the fire outbreak.

    “The dedicated fire crew immediately sprang into action, employing their firefighting expertise to bring the inferno under control in less than an hour.

    ” Their swift response ensured that nearby buildings were spared from the ravages of the fire.

    “Unfortunately, the petrol tanker suffered severe damage, and the tanker driver sustained minor burns. However, it is expected that with proper medical care, the driver will recover from the accident,” the spokesman stated.

    Director of the Kwara State Fire Service, Prince Falade John Olumuyiwa, sympathized with the authorities of the filling station and emphasized the importance of maintaining safety awareness at all times.

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