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  • Housewife begs court for divorce over domestic violence

    A housewife, Mrs Charity Ahmed on Monday filed for divorce in a Customary Court sitting in Nyanya, Abuja, from with estranged husband Christian on grounds of domestic violence.

    She made the allegation in a divorce petition she filed against her husband in court.

    “My husband always beats me whenever we have a little misunderstandin

    “He beats me so bad and he always targets my eyes. The last time he beat me, I lost hearing in both ears, and he gave me a black eye,”she said.

    The petitioner told the court that sometime ago, she left her husband over domestic abuse but he begged her to forgive him and they reconciled.

    “I don’t know that he will continue with his violent acts. He beats me in front of our children,”she said.

    Ahmed also told the court that her husband brought in another woman into their matrimonial home.

    “He told me the woman was his new wife. And he told me and our two children to move out of the house,” she told the court.

    The respondent, Christian, denied the allegations.

    The presiding judge, Doocivir Yawe, adjourned the matter until Feb. 20, for hearing.

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