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  • I Am Fortified, No Kidnapper Can Dare Try To Abduct Me - Oluwo Of Iwo
  •  Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, has boasted that no kidnapper or bandit can ambush and kill him with the efficacy of the throne he is occupying.

    Oluwo noted that he had been fortified and appointed by God to shatter any plot against the royal stool and other taboos against the throne of God.

    Speaking with newsmen in his palace on Wednesday, February 7, against the killings of three monarchs in Ekiti and Kwara state, Oba Akanbi lamented over the denigration of traditional stools by some monarchs.

    He said: “No bandit or kidnapper can attack or ambush me, not on this earth. They can try it, then they want to test the efficacy of the authority that I am representing. Kingship institution is owned by God and I am his representative, you can’t kill me nor kidnap me but once kings fail to acknowledge God, there will be problems.

    “There is no kidnapper nor bandit who is born that can attack me in such a manner, no war can conquer me. What is happening in Yoruba land to kings is not good at all, they are removing kings at will and death is not the only thing happening to traditional rulers. Kings have now become servants to the government. Abomination!”

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