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  • Lizzy Anjorin breaks silence over gold theft allegations

    Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin has addressed allegations that she stole gold from a market in Lagos Island, sparking controversy

    A video circulating on social media shows her sitting in a store, attempting to defend herself.

    In the video, which is now viral, Lizzy, who wore a facemask, tried to stop the recording.

    In the clip, the embarrassed actress tried to stop the person making the video from capturing her face and what was happening.

    In the video, Lizzy moved from her seat to a place where her face was not visible. A woman’s voice was heard in the background, saying Anjorin didn’t steal. Meanwhile, people in the store watched the events unfold as the shop owner tried to chase some of the onlookers out.

    Lizzy Anjorin, who denied stealing gold as alleged in the popular video, said the incident is about a purported failed transfer of N91,000 that she paid to an accessory seller on Tom Jones in the Idumota area of Lagos.

    She alleged that she was set up just like filmmaker Olajide Kareem, alias Seun Egbegbe.

    She alleged that some months ago she had gone to the market to buy accessories for N91,000 and asked her husband to forward the money to a guy who sold the accessories to her.

    Lizzy Anjorin explained that she went to the same market today, only to be told that the transfer she made on the aforesaid day was considered fraudulent.

    Anjorin, while clarifying the issue also accused a famous actress (name withheld) of being behind the mishap.

    She added, “At Tom Jones, do they sell gold there? That place is Tom Jones, where we buy wedding materials—all these ‘para para’ (cheap) stones that we want to use for clothes. I do wedding gowns; it depends on the money the bride is paying. So I cannot go to Idumota to go and buy accessories in peace, abi? ‘Shekpeteri’, how come you know the story so quickly if you are not behind it?”


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