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  • Marc Wilson - Bi Ba Be le
  • Born in Nigeria and now proudly German, Marc Wilson emerged as a prominent dance floor artist in the '90s. Renowned for his explosive shows, he captivated audiences with magical performances and the inclusion of bodybuilders on stage. His innovative approach garnered acclaim, earning a 5-star rating from Bravo Magazine for one of his Maxi CDs.
    Having transitioned from the vibrant '90s dance scene, Marc Wilson is set to unveil a new musical chapter, heavily influenced by his African roots. With a focus on Zulu language and a deep connection to his heritage, he blends pop and dance styles seamlessly with authentic ethnic sounds and captivating South African vocal hooks. Collaborating with longtime friend DJ Rufus, who brings dynamic energy to the mix of "Bi Ba Be Le," Marc Wilson's latest project showcases his enduring passion for music and commitment to pushing creative boundaries. Get ready for a unique blend of genres, reflecting the rich tapestry of Marc Wilson's musical journey.

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