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  • News: Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin red card prediction against South Africa Semifinals match with Nigeria trends online

  • AFCON: Prophet Fufeyin's Vision comes True as South Africa Gets Red Card

    The prophetic vision of the esteemed Nigerian prophet, Jeremiah Fufeyin, has left the global football community astonished, as his foresight regarding a red card for South Africa in the semifinal match has unfolded exactly as predicted.

    Popularly known as PapaJ, the General Overseer of The Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, headquartered in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, confidently shared his premonition in a trending internet clip days before the match. As Nigeria clinched victory in a penalty shootout, the attention surrounding the man of God's prophecy reached unprecedented levels across social media platforms.

    PapaJ's prophecy on South Africa's red card circulated widely, drawing the interest of football enthusiasts and believers alike. The precision of his prediction, combined with Nigeria's subsequent penalty success, has not only solidified the reputation of the prophet but has also ignited discussions on the profound impact of divine insights.

    Reacting to the revelation, social media users, including @Nene_Okafor and @bontangalfred, shared their thoughts. @Nene_Okafor noted, "I actually saw the red card against South Africa video, but he didn't mention that Nigeria would win na, but he said he saw a red card against South Africa tho." @bontangalfred added, "Immediately South Africa got that red card, my mind went straight to PapaJ's vision. Nice one, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin..."

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    The eagerly anticipated semifinal match unfolded last night between Nigeria and South Africa, with Fufeyin's prophetic words taking center stage. His explicit prediction of a "red card against South Africa and a penalty victory" resonated across various platforms, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the much-anticipated clash.

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