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  • Alaba Reports Promotions Ft. DJ Max, Mc1 Plus1 & Samuel Drummer - Lagos To Benin Mixtape
  •  Alaba Reports Promotions Ft. DJ Max, Mc1 Plus1 & Samuel Drummer.png

    Lagos To Benin Mixtape – Alaba Reports Promotions Ft. DJ Max Aka King Of Djs Mc1 Plus1 & Samuel Drummer

    The goal of well-known marketing organization Alaba Reports Promotions is to highlight the top musicians in Nigeria and abroad. Alaba Reports Promotions combines talented DJs, MCs, and instrumentalists to produce immersive and inventive music experiences, with an emphasis on quality and authenticity. The Lagos To Benin Hype Mixtape is proof of Alaba Reports Promotions’ dedication to providing excellent music.

    With the help of MC1 Plus1, a gifted MC, DJ Max, the King of DJs, and Samuel Drummer, a proficient drummer, this mixtape takes listeners on a musical journey from Lagos to Benin.

    The Lagos To Benin Hype Mixtape, which includes a blend of original songs and remixes, highlights the wide variety of genres and sounds that characterize the thriving Nigerian music scene. This mixtape has something for everyone, ranging from soulful reggaeton and enticing afrobeats to dynamic club anthems and lively party music.

    The Lagos To Benin Hype Mixtape is a terrific addition to your playlist, whether you’re a fan of DJ Max, MC1 Plus1, Samuel Drummer, or you’re just searching for a great blend of music to keep you dancing. So grab your dance shoes, crank up the music, and allow it to transport you to Lagos and Benin.

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    Listen, Download and Enjoy Below:

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