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  • “He will collect your babe and impregnate her” – Pretty Mike explains the mystery behind women’s attraction to Portable, crowns him ‘Man of the Year’

    Nigerian socialite and businessman, Pretty Mike has revealed controversial singer, Portable’s secret to having multiple women.

    In a post on his Instagram story, he noted how people insult Portable, saying he is too loud, looks dirty, needs full body scrub, and wonders what his women are doing with him.

    He made them know that a responsible man who provides for his family will always be attractive to women. Talking about his gender, he stated that despite their looks and polished appearance, if they were deadbeat, Portable would collect their girlfriends and impregnate them.

    He stated that the singer is probably paying the rent, school fees, food bills, and taking care of his children, while other men are asking their wives to share the bills with them.

    Pretty Mike, however, made it known that he isn’t promoting polygamy but he is explaining the mystery behind why women are attracted to Portable.

    He went on to crown him ‘Man of the Year’.

    “I see many people insult Portable; they say he is too loud, he looks dirty he needs to go for full body scrub, they wonder what those women are doing with him bla bla bla.

    The fact is that a responsible man who provides for his family will always be attractive to women. If you like be the finest, cleanest guy with a mad stroke game if you are a deadbeat Portable will collect your babe and impregnate her.

    Portable is probably paying house rent, school fees, food, and taking care of 3 children. You are still asking your wife to bring half of the house rent and other bills and you are insulting Portable. Portable is not your mate o.

    I am not promoting polygamy before all of you say “Ashawo don drop quote”. I am just explaining the mystery behind why many women would rather be with a man like Portable and you with your Queen’s English cannot find a woman to stay with you.

    May you hug this common sense in Jesus’ name”.

    “Man of the Year”.

    Pretty Mike calls Portable Man of the Year
    Pretty Mike calls Portable Man of the Year

    Similarly, Nigerian businessman Wale Jana highlighted the skills the singer uses to woo a lady, making it known that Portable’s responsibility to his home is the reason why his family is still intact.

    He claimed these are the things the singer is using to woo ladies, hence, why they tolerate his wrong habits.

    Over the weekend, Portable’s wife, Bewaji had angered the singer with her birthday caption, where she described herself as “Queen of Herself”.

    Portable went into a tantrum over her caption, demanding respect from her and urging her not to fall traps to haters. In an Instagram live session, he vowed to chase her out of their matrimonial home if she refused to change the caption and went on to suggest his wife’s friends were behind her actions.

    Bewaji later bowed to pressure as she deleted the birthday post and updated her Instagram bio to reflect that of her husband.

    Reacting to it, Daniel Regha slammed Portable over his obsession with being the center of attention at all times as he made the singer know that respect is earned and not given. He stated that his behavior online reeks of low self-esteem and validation from his women.

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