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  • DavidConnect Unveils Debut EP "Different Patterns"
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    Gifted content creator and singer, David Ezebri, professionally known as DavidConnect, is thrilled to announce the release of his highly anticipated debut EP titled "Different Patterns".

    Inspired by his artistic versatility, DavidConnect shares, "I titled the EP 'Different Patterns' because I'm someone that can do different kinds of things. Most of my friends call me jack of all trades. I put in work into something to always get a positive result.In addition, each of the tracks focuses on different subject matters like love and others."

    Reflecting on the influence of the Nigerian environment on his music and content creation, DavidConnect emphasizes the importance of being open-minded. "First to be a content creator, you have to be open-minded so that you can get diverse inspiration from every and anything around you. Hence, while creating this EP, I drew inspiration from a lot of people so that it sounds fresh and appealing to anybody without it being pushed into a box. So it's open-mindedness for me. I would give a shout out to my team, friends, and my manager Omotola Slasha Ayodeji, who has been a support system to me."

    "Different Patterns" consists of four tracks, marking DavidConnect's inaugural musical project. Eager to receive feedback, he expresses, "As much as I love to make music in a certain type of way, I would want to make music that the audience likes, hence I would be attentive to feedbacks and reactions to this project."

    Regarding the essence of the EP, DavidConnect shares, "The project has a lot of feel-good songs, and some of the tracks have my story in it. The project dropped already, and so far, I like the feedback I am getting, but all listeners would have a balanced listen as the project is like a cocktail; whatever you want you would get."



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