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  • Drunk Lady mistakenly consumes ₦1.3 million Azul, thinking it was ₦1,300

    A Nigerian young lady has landed herself in trouble after consuming a full bottle of Azul worth ₦1.3 million, mistakenly thinking it was priced at ₦1,300Drunk Lady mistakenly consumes ₦1.3 million Azul, thinking it was ₦1,300

    The incident, captured in a viral video, happened at an unidentified club.

    In the clip, the lady dressed in red, can be seen surrounded by witnesses as she cries while attempting to explain herself.

    A waiter asks if she didn’t notice the price on the bottle. Despite her outcry, she maintains she believed it was only ₦1,300.

    When questioned about who opened the bottle for her, she blames the waiter who served her.

    The video and ensuing exchange have sparked widespread attention, with many individuals sharing their thoughts in the comments section.


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