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  • Instagram deletes SaidaBoj’s account hours after TikTok banned her

    In a swift and unexpected move, Instagram has deleted Saida Boj’s account, just hours after TikTok took similar action and removed her profile from its platformInstagram deletes SaidaBoj's account hours after TikTok deleted her page

    The sudden crackdown on Saida Boj’s social media presence has left many pondering on the gravity of her provocative statement and the repercussion it weighs on her career.

    Recall that SaidaBoj was heavily criticised for her statement at the HUNCH podcast, where she cited her alliance with men paying heavily to get a lady’s attention.

    This controversy further deeped her in an online brawl with Warri rapper, Erigga, as the duo trade words online.

    However, It’s possible that the platforms took action in response to user reports or violations of community guidelines.

    As the situation unfolds, fans and followers of Saida Boj are eagerly awaiting an official statement or clarification on the matter.

    See proof:

    Instagram deletes SaidaBoj's account hours after TikTok deleted her page

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