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  • Ladipoe breaks silence over Wizkid’s public diss

    Ladipoe, a Nigerian hip-hop artist, has addressed the recent controversy with Wizkid, clarifying that his initial tweet was meant as a joke

    He had playfully mocked Wizkid’s previous statement that “hip hop is dead” and compared the challenges faced by hip-hop artists in the past to the current discussions surrounding Afrobeats.

    Wizkid responded dismissively, shading Ladipoe and his boss, Don Jazzy.

    In a recent interview, Ladipoe explained that his tweet was not meant to be taken seriously and was simply a commentary on the evolving nature of music genres and the fickle nature of industry narratives.

    He stated, “The whole thing was a joke… I was amused by the chaos that ensued.”

    Ladipoe emphasized that his tweet was aimed at the audience and anyone who believes in the narrative that a genre is dead, not specifically at Wizkid or any other artist.

    Watch video below:

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