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  • WePlugMusic Distro Plants Its Flag in Nigeria, Vowing to Amplify African Music Globally

  •  WePlug Music Distro, a forward-thinking music distribution company founded in 2019, is setting its sights on Nigerian soil.  Having already established a presence in the United Kingdom, WePlug Music is now poised to revolutionize the landscape for African music creators.

    A New Dawn for African Music Distribution

    This Nigerian launch marks a significant moment for WePlug Music.  The company, a digital powerhouse, has already made its mark by distributing music for artists in the UK.  Now, their expansion into Nigeria signifies a deep commitment to empowering African artists and propelling their music onto the global stage.

    Bridging the Gap: Reaching New Audiences

    WePlug Music boasts a proven track record of aggregating and licensing music content across Africa, ensuring it reaches over 45 digital service providers (DSPs) worldwide.  These include giants like Apple Music, Spotify, VEVO, and Amazon, alongside popular platforms like YouTube, Pandora, Audiomack, and Deezer.  This extensive network ensures African music creators have the potential to be heard by a truly global audience.

    Building Careers, Not Just Distributing Music

    WePlug Music goes beyond simple music distribution.  The company is built on the philosophy of fostering long-term careers for African artists.  They achieve this by providing the tools and strategies to engage fans and share their stories with the world in innovative ways.

    Global Recognition for African Artists

    "The main aim of the launch in Nigeria is to help African artists get the global reach on digital music platforms they deserve," says the visionary founder of WePlug Music.  This statement underscores the company's mission: to bridge the gap between African music and international recognition.

    A Haven for Diverse Talent

    WePlug Music currently represents over 50 artists worldwide, having supported the debut projects of artists across various genres.  However, with their Nigerian launch, the company is placing a particular focus on empowering the unique voices of African music creators.

    The Future of African Music is Bright

    The arrival of WePlug Music Distro in Nigeria is a cause for celebration for African music fans and artists alike.  With their commitment to global distribution, career development, and storytelling, WePlug Music is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of African music on a global scale.

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