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    Nigerian singer and songwriter Kasy is making waves with his latest track he titled Format, a song that blends his unique sound with a powerful message of hard work and success. With its catchy beat and relatable lyrics, Format is not just a song; it’s an anthem for anyone striving to make it.
    Format talks about the realities of life and success. Kasy highlights the importance of having money and the harsh truth that without it, people often overlook you. He shares his journey, reflecting on the hard work and dedication that have led him to enjoy the fruits of his labor today. In his lyrics, Kasy captures this truth, singing, “If you no get money, dem go forget you.”
    The track is a testament to Kasy’s relentless work ethic and the rewards it brings. He recounts his hustle and the satisfaction of seeing his efforts pay off, celebrating his success with lines like, “We making money, we spending money… Now I enjoy, the money dey come…
    Manna dey fall, na if you work eh”
    Beyond its message, Format is made to get people moving. With its infectious beat and rhythmic flow, it’s impossible not to dance when the song comes on. Kasy’s talent for creating music that connects both emotionally and physically shines through, ensuring _Format_ will be a hit on the dance floor and in the hearts of listeners.

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