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  • Northwest Climate Peace Hub: A Climate Security Approach to Conflict Prevention

    Earlier this month, Building Blocks for Peace Foundation (BBFORPEACE) landed in Sokoto and Katsina for a climate security project aimed at combating conflict and insecurity induced by the impacts of climate change such as, environmental degradation, desertification, degraded pastures, and drought in Northwestern Nigeria. 

    BBFORPEACE is implementing viable climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives, including: capacity-building training for 500 youths on Dialogue, Mediation, Reconciliation, Climate Adaptation, and Early Warning and Early Response (EWER); establishing climate and conflict EWER structures; and supporting climate activists with micro-grants which will be dedicated to planting of trees in strategic areas that are experiencing desert encroachment.

    In Illela border town in Sokoto State, the 250 participants of this climate security training were between ages 15-45, including people with disabilities.

    Ijeoma Seraphie Obiedelu, the gender officer for this project, ensured gender balance was factored into the sessions as well as fair representation from the communities.

    It was delightful to see the immediate comprehension of the participants as Ijeoma conducted the post evaluation sessions to assess their level of understanding of the training. There were interesting questions asked about conflict sensitivity and how one can mediate a multifaceted conflict situation for example a conflict that has both political and religious elements embedded in it. They were also keen as to how climate change affects their general standard of living including the crime rate. Overall, the results of the post evaluation session revealed an impressive 74% comprehension rate.😊😊

    This project is sponsored by United Nations Development Programme Nigeria and the Embassy of Norway in Nigeria.

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