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  • BREAKING NEWS: Pipeline Explosion Kill Over 100 People In Arepo,Lagos
  • “Well over 100 people” involved in vandalisation of pipelines and theft of petrol died during an operation in the early hours of Wednesday,Metronaija has been informed. According to a source, who did not want to be named because of his “close relationship” with the vandals, so many of them “were so burnt that their faces could not be recognised”.

     Describing how the “tragedy” occurred, he said the vandals had already concluded their operation and were to leave when their speed boat refused to start. “It was while trying to start the speedboat that there was a spark.

    I learnt that many people died, but more than 100 of them were so burnt that we could not even recognise their faces.
    “It’s a very sad day for those guys because it’s a job where one person is involved in, and he brings in his brothers and sisters.

     “It’s a very dangerous job; they die just the way they make money. They make so much money that some of them buy cars after ‘working’ two weeks. Even those who are involved just on the periphery make up to N300,000 in one day. Their arrowheads make more than N2 million daily.”

    Two other sources confirmed the occurrence to Metronaija, one suggesting that the casualty toll “could have been higher than reported”. The other said: “It is sad. More than hundred died. And even those who are still alive are bearing very serious injuries and they have no hope of surviving

    Reportnaija contacted Muyiwa Adejobi, public relations officer of the Ogun state police command, but he neither answered telephone calls nor replied the text message sent to his phone.

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