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  • Woman who died in Paris raid was not wearing suicide belt
  • Investigators sorting through body parts from the flat raided by French police on Wednesday now believe Hasna Aitboulahcen, the woman who died there, was not the one wearing a suicide belt, a Police source said.

    Headlines flashed around the world this week that Aitboulahcen had become Europe's first woman suicide bomber, after officials said they believed she had blown herself up at the scene of the raid in a northern Paris suburb.

    One of the dead has been confirmed as Islamist militant Abaaoud. The other has yet to be identified.
    "The initial findings from the special police indicated that it (the suicide belt wearer) was her," said the source. "But the skull we found on the pavement was not hers."
    The fighting at the flat was so intense that not only were the police unable initially to identify the bodies, it took more than a day for investigators to establish that there had been three people and not two.

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