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  • Atiku Spokesperson Hails Nigeria @ 59, Calls for Collective Efforts To Build Nigeria

  • Independence Day Message


    Segun Showunmi

    Dear Nigerians,
    The occasion of this Independence Day must cause us to reflect on genuinely building the nation for the benefit of those here now and for the future generation.

    What shall the next Generation say of us if we fail to dedicate ourselves to becoming the hope, not just of Nigeria, but of Africa, with the audacity to find what works for us to the benefit of all humanity?

    While preparing the stage for purposeful leadership and growth enablers, we must reflect on the fact that between 1914 and 2019, we have had 105 years of an amalgamated country; and from 1960 to 2019, we have had 59 years of self rule, which we call Independence. But I would ask: has Nigeria been as independent as it ought to be, especially from the thinking around the idea of nationhood.

    We must reflect on all we have endured from coups and counter coups, through a devastating civil war that seems not to have settled the issues of nationhood brought to the fore by the activities of the self styled IPOB (independent people of Biafra), aided by the mismanagement of our diversity, which has left thinkers pondering: what exactly did we achieve with the no victor no vanquished idea of post civil war Nigeria?

    As it stands now, we have abused the lofty idea of the quota system, which was meant to give every part of our country the access to equality, hoping that from an imbalanced social order, we could give everyone a sense of inclusion. But as we can see, it appears that this idea has enthroned cynicism and parochialism, which have not allowed the best to be promoted but push incompetence to the fore.

    This has further encouraged needless tribalism, making the entire country and its people unable to settle into an idea of one united indivisible entity. Our tribes and tongues, rather than make us a rainbow of culture and tradition, have now become tools in the hands of unpatriotic elements to fan the embers of destabilisation.

    We are also confronted with a difficult to comprehend terrorism war known as the Boko Haram insurgency, which beats the imagination of lovers of Nigeria, for really, what is to be gained in a war that does more devastation to people of the region and costs the country way too much in human and material resources?

    Most indicators, especially from foreign rating agencies, score our country very low in terms of sustainable human development, and however patriotic we may wish to be, we cannot argue much with the reality that we see in the nooks and crannies of our country. Just a moment ago, we were reminded that when push comes to shove, Nigeria must fix its own issues, otherwise, how do we explain the Afrophobia erroneously termed Xenophobia in South Africa, where Nigerians are the target of violence from fellow Africans, simply because of the competing needs of Africans to survive in a less than fair world economic agenda that has done nothing but put black Africans in a seriously disadvantaged situation.

    As we move forward, I wish that Nigeria, because of our strategic position in the affairs of Africans, must settle down quickly and begin the process of working out an acceptable development agenda, home grown, big and ambitious enough, not just to cater for the needs of every Nigerian, big or small, but that must become the bastion of hope for all Africans at home and in the diaspora. I leave with this prayer from my soul, asking God to help us.

    The Great I AM, Guardian of the nations, Ruler of the universe, Be Thou exalted for Your faithfulness and mercy on our nation Nigeria! It has been some journey. Yes, Lord, it could have been worse. We as a people, with so many hopes and aspiration for a great and prosperous Nigeria, thank Thee. Please bless our country the more, and keep us strong and united. Amen.
    Arise and Shine Nigeria.
    Happy Independence Day, Nigeria!

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