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  • About Elise Claire Cosmetics
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    Elise Claire Cosmetics beauty brand is a luxury line of bright, bold and richly pigmented that is known for its innovation and commitment to reinventing luxury cosmetics, complexion, color and skincare that are crafted to be undetectably transformative while effortless to apply.
    Elise Claire Cosmetics celebrates diversity and INDIVIDUALITY – we are for All Peers, All Colors, All Humanities.
    We make unapologetically cute makeup for beauty rebels who can’t help but stand out from the crowd. We are unconventional, dangerously pretty, adorable yet edgy!
    We are known for paradigm products feature cutting-edge formulas with active ingredients and covetable packaging that elevate expectations of how a product should look, feel, and perform.
    Quality is our inspiration and motivation in creating top of the line merchandise, inspired by color, comfort, and versatility, Elise Claire Cosmetics continues to excel in the world of cosmetics. 
    Currently, our cruelty-free and vegan options offer a wide variety of highly pigmented formulas for skincare, lips, eyes, and face. Pair these formulas with the application of our professional brushes and you can achieve the optimal look. With such a huge demand and growing success rate, the brand continues to broaden its horizons and reach new heights by generating new and innovative products for beauty consumers. 
    We always encourage imagination, ingenuity, and originality, by providing the tools to our customers who can then become the artists they aspire to be. We are excited and thrilled to show you all the new products in development, and invite you to join us on our journey to provide the very best in cosmetics.
    It’s our mission to redefine luxury beauty by creating the richest, vibrant, highly pigmented essential colors and amazing products with incredible wearability power every beauty enthusiast can afford without breaking the bank. Dedicated to newness at lightning speed, we imagine, develop, test, and manufacture our products all under one roof. We pride ourselves on being pocket-friendly and keeping our customers at the center of our world.
    We hope you enjoy our collections, which allows you to express yourself, express your love for color, express your talent and creativity. As we continue to grow our product line we hope you continue to enjoy them.
    We believe beauty and integrity should be synonymous, which is why we are as uncompromising with our products’ performance as we are with our commitment to being cruelty free.
    We use our platform to improve the lives of people around us because we cares at Elise Claire initiative and donate 5% of all profits from to support charity.
    Seeing our vision come to life has been a dream come true, and we could not have done it without you!
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