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  • African Politicians are Not Leaders, but Just Dealers – Nigeria’s Godspower Oshodin speaking from Kenya
  • As the political leadership crisis and underdevelopment in Africa increases as a new dawn crawls her face into reality, without the hope of a better tomorrow in Africa as a result of what African politicians are doing to their various countries through immeasurable socioeconomic and sociopolitical corruptions, some well meaning Africans are busy trying to figure out how wealthy Africa can reach its promise land towards overtaking the so called world powers.

    Godspower Oshodin in Nairobi with the Ambassador representing Kenya and South Sudan at the United Nations, Amb. Chol M.U Ajongo, alongside Kenya’s Activist Prof. PLO Lumumba, and Nigeria’s Comrade Timi Frank, to brainstorm on how Africa can attain adulthood as she still suffers from malnourished embryo.

    Godspower Oshodin and the Ambassador representing Kenya and South Sudan at the United Nations, Amb. Chol M.U Ajongo
    Comrade Timi Frank and the Ambassador representing Kenya and South Sudan at the United Nations, Amb. Chol M.U Ajongo 
    Godspower Oshodin and Prof PLO Lumumba

    They decided to talk about something that will never die, which is AFRICA….

    Godspower Oshodin From Nairobi, Kenya

    And if we must talk about Africa, we must talk about it with that cautious overview that – if we do not take charge immediately, our so called ‘political’ leaders will sell out the World’s richest Continent (Africa) to the Western World, through their various Loans/Aides ruse.

    “We must begin to liberate ourselves from this force belief that the African Politicians are the Leaders. They’re not leaders, but just dealers!

    “The Western world has created some International monetary Organisations to process and continue steal from Africa. The same money these Organisations give to Africa belongs to Africa. These organisations are created to tame Africa, they’re not there to save Africa.

    “They understand that the average African politician is only interested in immediate gratification. They’re not interested in protecting Africa’s interest.

    “And just watch after the COVID-19 might have relapse, they’ll invite our Africa Leaders to China for some contrived Africa/China merger whatever, and they will all get dressed and run to China. And the only time they contribute in such deceptive Assembly, is during photo sessions. They’ll all stand in front of the camera, so they can be properly framed.

    “China is beginning to hijack the Sovereignty of various Africa Nations through these unending paper-loans our Political Leaders are collecting and sharing amongst themselves. And ofcourse, we all know the clause attached to these loans if you default.

    “It is still better they give us the ugly truth, than a pretty little lie. The African Politicians are gradually montgaging the the future of Africa. An average African child is born into debt. So where is our Africa that possesses all the natural resources on earth, the most fertile land and friendly weather. Why are all of these bountiful resources not reflecting in the people?

    “We need to take charge now! As for these Political Leaders, they’re not interested in our future, so we have to take advantage of the Africa youthful population, which is the biggest Young population in the world. We all need to stand up to the original reality that Africa belongs to all of us!”



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