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  • Nigerians Slam Aisha Buhari Over Call For ‘Better Hospitals’
  • Nigeria’s First Lady, Aisha Buhari, on Saturday, returned from medical treatment in the United Arab Emirates, calling for improved hospitals in the country.

    But many Nigerians on social media are furious over her demand, accusing her of being insensitive.

    Some of them also described her demand as “shameful and insulting”.

    On her return, she had asked healthcare providers to take advantage of the Federal Government’s N100bn credit support for the health sector, saying that “will no doubt help in building and expanding the capacity of the Nigerian health sector and ultimately reduce medical trips and tourism outside the country.”

    Reacting to the First Lady’s comment, one Bulama Bukarti on Twitter said, “Your husband spent huge money on the Villa clinic, yet it couldn’t treat ‘neck pain’.

    “You flew to the UAE during lockdown. As you land, you called for better hospitals. Don’t you know who the president is? Don’t you have access to him?”

    Mosh @mosh_aloaye added, “This is so sad. Now she left Nigeria amidst the international travel restrictions for medical tourism and came back to say Nigerians should fix our health sector. I feel very insulted.”

    Goddy @i2much4dem wondered why the Aso Rock clinic could not be made a “better hospital” to treat neck pain.

    “And this is the wife of the president. What reforms does the Aso Rock clinic require for it to function? Yet Aisha has to fly abroad for treatment!”

    “Aisha Buhari is simply mocking Nigerians by calling for better hospitals in Nigeria when she knows that her husband is the president and the one who should give us the ‘better hospitals’. The president and family members are simply being most unfair to Nigerians,” TheRoy @BarrROUN1990 said.

    MostKnownUnknown @brandengineer said, “This announcement is already a setback to the integrity of your husband’s leadership. The presidential clinic is not capable of giving you top-quality medical treatment while gulping money annually on allocation…mighty shame!”

    Nwa Oke Osisi @OnyekaMadu5 lamented that “It’s a shame that after over five years, it is unfortunate that the administration headed by your husband cannot build and equip a single hospital good enough to be patronised by yourself to end medical tourism at our collective expense.”

    CoachSteve @StephenOlateru noted that “What do these guys take us for? Travelled for ear infections, neck pain, headache yet after five years we should take advantage of your largesse?”

    “This woman annoyed me to my bone mirror, the other day her husband Buhari jet out to the UK to treat ear infection, now Aisha Buhari jet out to Dubai to treat neck pain, this first family had no regard for Nigerians at all, the insensitivity is mindboggling.,” Lucky Mikoyo
    @lucky_mikoyo added.

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