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  • Femi Kuti Tackles Peoples Gazette Over ‘Obidient’ Tag

    Femi Kuti

    Foremost Nigerian musician, Femi Kuti has slammed the news platform, People’s Gazette for taking his statement out of context during a performance at Fela’s Shrine on Thursday.

    In an article published on Thursday, August 11, the news platform reported that the veteran musician and social activist dubbed berated supporters of the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, also known as ‘Obidients‘ as ‘Zombies’.

    According to the news platform, Femi Anikulapo-Kuti stated this;

    You know what obedience means? Stand up, sit down, sit there — zombie,” Mr Kuti said during a performance at the Shrine Thursday night in Lagos, wondering why Mr Obi’s popularity has grown rapidly in recent months.

    “How can you be Obidient in this chaos? I am not Obidient. Tell me, at 60, why am I Obidient? You said I should be Obidient, sit down, be peaceful,” he said. “Are you all okay in this country?

    Reacting to the article via his Twitter platform, Femi Kuti revealed that he never made any snide remark about Peter Obi or his Obidient followers.

    He went on to question the integrity of the news platform, calling them ‘liars’ for taking his statement out of context.

    He wrote, “You are such liars.

    His statement on Twitter reads further;

    Of what benefit is it to the people when you take my words out of context like this?
    I said I’m too angry at my age to be obedient.

    The concluding part of his post reads;

    Expressing I do not like the ‘term’
    But if Peter Obi wins and actually changes the country better for all of us.”

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