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  • Organ Harvest: Ekweremadu To Remain In UK Jail Until Oct 31
  •  Ekweremadu Arrest: Ahmad Lawan Discloses Steps Taken By National Assembly

    Ike Ekweremadu and his wife’s case regarding organ harvesting has been postponed by the Central Criminal Court in the UK.

    Ekweremadu and his wife Beatrice are accused of conspiring to set up or enable another person’s travel with the intention of exploitation, specifically organ harvesting.

    Obinna Obeta, a third person who works as a doctor in London, however, arrived with the other two.

    In the interim, a pre-trial with the former Deputy Senate President, his wife, and Obeta is set for October 31.

    Ekweremadu, a senator from Enugu West Senatorial District, was detained at Heathrow Airport after arriving from Turkey in June.

    There were concerns about whether the case broke the Vienna Convention and diplomatic immunity because he had a diplomatic passport.

    However, it is anticipated that the politician would be granted immunity from prosecution in his home nation.

    Timeline Of Case

    On May 5, the alleged victim of human trafficking turned himself in to the police on the grounds that he was being forced to donate his organs despite being underage.

    The couple’s daughter has a kidney-related ailment and has been receiving dialysis for a while, according to the prosecution. The British government thinks the intention was to transplant a kidney into their daughter’s body using a boy’s organ.

    David Nwamini, the purported victim of trafficking, said he was 15 when the Ekweremadus forced him to donate his kidney, however, records produced by the Nigerian government show that Nwamini was actually 21 years old and not a child.

    The Westminster Magistrates’ Court’s decision that the alleged trafficking victim is not a minor provided the Ekweremadus with a brief reprieve.

    The politician is still accused of conspiring to traffick a person for organ harvesting in breach of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 in spite of the judgement.

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