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  • Davido's Timeless Album Review

  • Every listener's experience differs and that's what makes us very different people. 

    Personally, I appreciate Timeless for the very fact that Davido explored different sounds, Afrobeat, EDM, Amapiano, African house.

    Was it a banger? Excuse me, this is Davido.

    He's more or less the only artiste currently that has the right formula for making replayable music.

    With nice hooks that stick with the masses for months, if not the entire year.

    I mean, 'Unavailable' is already that song for everyone's Instastory and Facebook status as if it was a collective decision.

    Having said that, Timeless is very much a commercial album in my opinion. I didn't think it'd be so considering the title and the abstract album cover design.

    It's packed with many feel good songs with familiar themes, which is why I honestly didn't see the lyrical depth that many fans spoke of since its release. 

    At the risk of getting dragged, I have to say y'all exaggerated on that one.

    Depth is definitely not in the track 'Feel' where the woman's s£xy body is bursting my brain.

    Depth is certainly not the shady number 'Away' that addresses those "who want to see me fall" while I'm chilling in Ibiza and minding my business.

    The shade throwing continued in 'LCND' and 'Over Dem'.

    Taking a swipe at both known and unknown enemies is a very familiar approach to music in Nigeria, so?

    Depth cannot be a repetition of hold my waist in the steamy number 'Kante' featuring Fave, as well as the other bottom power song 'Na money' ft Caveman and Angelique Kidjo (who was drowned in that song).

    But you know what, give me 'Picasso' featuring Logos, any day, any time.

    Still a waist-whining track dedicated to nyash as usual, but I'm only here for the rich instrumentals.

    The take-home from this commercial album is the gbedu value, and that's okay for a Nigerian audience. 

    Album rating: 6 of 10.

    Written by BTV 

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