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  • Video shows Nigerian pop star, Sean Dampte, and four others stopped and searched by Police
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    A video showing what took place when Seun Oluyole, a k.a. Sean Dampte and four others were stopped and searched by members of the Nigeria Police while on their way for a content shoot have surfaced on the internet.

    Dampte and four other artistes had a rough time in the hands of police officers along Oniru, Lagos, with the incident taking place on April 14 precisely.

    The UK-based musician and others, in a convoy of three cars, were on their way to the Landmark beach at Oniru when they were stopped by police officers.


    Rather than ask for the identities of the occupants of the cars, they were roughly exited from each vehicle and searched. With nothing found on them, the vehicle was also searched, ending with the discovery of an art knife that Dampte had bought in Kenya during his Africa Tour ’23, preparatory to his London concert scheduled for September this year.

    When the musician asked the officer to tell him why they were being stopped, the police officer became agitated and threatened to put them in jail. When one of his team members wanted to make a call to an undisclosed individual, the angry officer went political, accusing Nigeria youths for blaming the police for complicity in the acclaimed unfair election that recently held in Lagos especially, and Nigeria in general.

    “I go change am for you now now,” he said, while a calmer officer appealed to the musicians to relax and be calm.


    The officer continued to shout and warned the musicians that more influential Nigerians than Dampte were in jail and nothing would stop him from seeing them end up in jail, and that no amount of begging, while inside the four walls, would set them free.

    Eventually, the musicians were allowed to go their way, while the knife, even when receipt for it was shown to the officer, was seized.

    Video of the incident shot by present media personnel has surfaced on the internet and has generated much response.

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