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    It's has been rumoured that most celebrities practice blood🩸rituals , witchcraft and are even into secret cults in order to clinch fame and make a name for themselves in the world of entertainment.

     Few musicians and actors has been charged with using diabolical means to advance their careers and it was learnt that in the case of musicians, they carry out special rites before writing a hit song and also carry out same special rites before going on stage to perform at events  while actors and actresses uses it to get lead roles and attain greater heights in their career.

     However, this trend  is now making upcoming artist to feel under pressure to use these diabolical tactics so they could also become wealthy and famous in their career ✨💰💵🤷‍♂

    Nevertheless on September 9th 2020 , Nigeria music producer SAMCLEF took to his Instagram handle and other social platforms where he posted a video saying " DEM DHEY DO JUJU FOR  MUSIC INDUSTRY OOOOOO"

    This trended without hesitation and became headline and top story google,  newspapers, magazines, television stations and on social platforms.


    Tap the link below and watch how it was analyzed on T.V.C Entertainment Splash


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