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  • Mixta Marquez eulogizes Garri

    🥣 GARRI

    It breaks my heart that ungrateful people have the guts to call you "The Last Hope Of a Poor Man" 

    I'm sorry dear, I  appologise on their behalf,  it's simply because they don't realize that you work hand in hand with rich associates like peak milk, cowbell, coconut,  and cube sugar.

    Indeed, you are a loyal friend to the RICH and BESTIE to the poor.

    Dear garri, you've been such a timeless and helpful meal, some people enjoy taking you with 


     🥣 KuliKuli


    🥣 Moi-Moi

    🥣 Akara

    No wonder a friend of mine once said he would never leave you or abandon you for your taste is more than a thousand Corn Flakes🌽

    Indeed you are the first son of cassava , the father of Eba and  grandfather of fufu  

    🙌🙋‍♂👊  🥣 Dearest Garri thanks so much for standing by me always!

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